An ebook collection of tales with supernatural themes, illustrated by the author’s own distinctive artwork. Mike Gothorp describes himself as ‘inspired by dead artists and poets, Wolds, fens and ancient ruins.’ He studied at St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and lives near Lincoln, where he teaches philosophy.

Entangled is divided into two sections:

Longer stories on the theme of the entanglement of living humans and ghosts, whether long dead or still alive in the memory. These include the Liglumby trilogy, exploring the legend of a martyred saint, his fenland abbey, and his strange legacy - in the shape of a slug bearing a crimson mark formed from his own blood;

Lincolnshire Ghosts, stories of around 1,000 words that explore the past of the county and the way that it haunts us still.


London’s celebrated tourist attractions represent only one aspect of its personality. All around the capital are stranger, lonelier spots: stubbed-out roads and railways...broken-off bridges and viaducts...scarred, barren places adjacent to areas that are still lively and flourishing. Going Nowhere investigates them, and features photographs that capture their mysterious essences.


A lovely take on our great city with lots of interesting stories and lots of answers for pub quizzers.’ 

Christian Wolmar, author of The Subterranean Railway, the story of the London Underground


‘The photographs are a view of what might have been. Viaducts come to a dead end and are overgrown with huge weeds, roads go nowhere, walls crumble. This book’s soundtrack would have been written by Brian Eno at his bleakest best.’

Award-winning photographer and picture editor Eamonn McCabe


'Going Nowhere' costs £9.99

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